Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halli's 9mo Pix

 My good friend Elsha Took Halli's Pictures... Are they great.

 I got this shirt at the Dollar Store and added the ruffles down the front.

 This is a skirt I made from a shirt I got at a yard sale for 50 cents. I also made her hair bow with it too!!!
 Halli was looking for her puppy :)

 Throwing a fit

I love this girl


jessica& said...

what a doll!

Cassidy said...

I love the pictures, but I have to admit, the throwing the fit one is my favorite. I think it's soooo funny when they throw their fits!

The McGary's said...

You are so creative, love those ideas! The pictures are great too, she is a doll!

Ashley Rae said...

She is so darling! I love these pictures.

The Woolner Family said...

Love the backgrounds. where did she get them?