Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giveaway!!!!! Ut PIx Part two!!!!!

Got a lil Princess? Well here is a giveaway for you :

My Lil Princess!!!! And Friends:)
Utah Part Two
( Warning another huge post with Millions of Pictures!!!)
Jaxon;s Swim Party

Giving Miriah Hugs!!

Halli Once again loved all the attention
Playing on the stairs!!!
Dinner with my Parents~ My Dad Teasing Heather.. Grandma to the rescue!!
Family BBQ And Swim Party
My Daddy!
My Bro

Halli Loved the Water- she sat there entertaining everyone the whole time (Ignore me :))
TO Bad it didnt lasyt... POOR BABY... Mean Mama for taking a Picture... I just thought it was cute :)
Finally Out!!!
Look at those lips!!!
We also Ran home for our good friend's Baby Blessing
Halli's first time on a swing- she loved it!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes (25 cents ~Yard sale)

Ok WE did see some friends- only cuz hey needed help moving!!!!
Playing in the water
Heather got so wet that she finaly came inside Striped down, and said "Mom Dont need this Im going swimming"~ Hey that's how her polly pockets swim!!!!

 And lastly Halli kept finding my sister's Radio and somehow learned how to turn it on, and would start dancing!!! Silly and Smart!!!


Lisa said...

Fun pictures! Um... love the green flower on you green stripped shirt. Wonder who made that darling masterpiece for you! Ha Ha Ha!