Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Utah Trip

 Jason's family was there so we just spent time with our families....
**Next~ there is a lot of freekin' Pictures sorry**
Halli's favorite spot at my Parents house
They love each other
A Water fight of corse

Jason put Heather in one of his t-shirts to be dry.  She went around saying I am a Angel... Look I can fly
My Beautiful Niece Zoey

We went to Our Nephew's Birthday Party.. Halli Loved the Hat cant you tell!!!
Heather and her now Official Aunt Miriah
Our other new Niece Lydia! (We had three born this summer)
Halli loved the balloons~ I think that's all she'll be getting for her birthday!!! :)

While there we went to arctic circle with my mom sister and second mom and second sister!!!

Halli had Spagetti for the first time- think she enjoyed herself?

Needless to say it called for a bath~ In which if you didnt hear already Heather pooped and Halli thought she'd taste it!!! Nasty  NASTY NASTY! DID I SAY NASTY?
Our Other Niece Brinley
Yes there are two lil girls in that blankit
I think Jason had as much fun as the kids

We went to a Bee's game...

Baby zoe
Heather loved the lil house equipted with a lil kitchen
What a lil mother!!!
I so want to buy some of these- they we magnet Paper dolls! The girls went crazy for them.

We had a lot of Parties we went too... Now it was Addy's turn
Halli loved all the attention
This is how she crawls on Pavement

I cant find the pictures from our Nephews Water party ~ maybe I will post them when I do!!!
Hope you werent to board with my Zillions of Pictures!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

I LOVED all the pictures!!! And my mom has those magnet dolls and Cambree LOVES them everytime we go to visit!!! They are pretty sweet!! I don't remember where she got them though...I will have to ask.

Cassidy said...

Sounds like tons of fun!!! I love IKEA too.

The Davis Family said...

What a fun trip! You'll have to let me know when you guys are down here again and we could get together!

The Woolner Family said...

The Wedding Singer. Who wears that kind of buffont hairdo to a game?! Glad you took a picture. I can't believe how big and beautiful your girls are getting. And we're missing it!!!!

LeeAnn said...

Jonathan Livingston Seagull... Is that the movie? Did I win?