Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Lots of pictures- I mean it (like almost a million)... Also containing partial baby nudity!!!!!

Alright I know I posted about mothers day and thats pretty much it in May that I wrote about! This month Heather was 7 months old: 

*This month Heather started giving kisses, waved for the first time (to Jason's cousin Tom), Started SLEEPING IN HER OWN BED!!!! Learned baby bumble bee from grandma Smith, and started snorting and hackling (her weird crazy laugh)... and more......
*I did mention how Heather was pulling her self up this month but here are some pictures of it:

She could stand like this for like 30 min.

Climbing up....
Made it...Yeah!!!

*We also took Heather on her first hike~ She loved it! We went with some friends in Cheney to Riverveiw park. Here are some pictures:

They have this cool bridge that wobbles- but it was scary and made me sick!

Heather chillin in her new stroller!

Linley and I on the bridge.

Daddy did all the work!!!:)

A pretty flower... um a buttercup?
Kaden and Kellee

Kasey and Linley

Daddy bonding time
Throwing rocks

*Heather also went on the swing for a first time.  Of corse she also loved this.

What a cute girl.

With her friend Riyen.
Riyen  pushing her.

*Heather likes to help mom with the Laundry.. actually like to eat the clothes I just folded- so I finally threw her in the basket. 
Eating the clothes

* Heather also got her first hair cut- her hair only grows on the top in a mo-hawk so we decided to give it a trim:

All done. and messy.
* I was also busy this month making a lot of new bows (which hopefully I will soon have that blog going )
*It was also our 4 month anniversary... My mom was visiting and watched Heather so we could go to a movie and to eat. We ate at this really nice seafood place on the river with the best veiw (the water was the highest that day because of the snow melting). I really wanted to do a nice post to tell Jason how much I love him but time is a issue and I think by this point your wondering if this post will ever end... Well Babe thanks for a wonderful 4 years I LOVE YOU!!!

This is what Jason put on the bed for me- the journal had a long love letter in it with my fav candy bar.. twix. If you cant tell it spell I LOVE YOU!
Before we left
The view from our table- pretty huh!
*Here are some pictures of my moms visit: ( I wish I had more but Grandma Smith wont let us take pictures of her very often.. hint hint mom)

Playing with a balloon....

Sure dose poop you out.
*Heather loves to be with out her clothes.. so I took these:

Playing with the diapers

She even posed for me.
*Heather has been doing what we like to call her bitter beer face- it is hilarious:

This one is the 'Fishy'

*Heather playing with her Dad:

Dad thought it'd be fun to brush Heather's ... well um ... gums.. no teeth yet~sadly. 
Thank you for looking- I am sorry there were so many pictures.  I will soon do june.


The Gray Fam said...

Hey Cami!! I can't believe how big she is getting. She is so stinking cute!!! Hope that all is well!!


Justin & Janell said...

Wow, it looks like you guys are having fun! I'm glad you get to come up! The girls will have tons of fun together and a birthday party sounds great, lets do it!!

Leezy Lindsey said...

When are you coming to UT again? We really need to get together! That would be so much fun! By the way, Heather is sooooo cute!

Patti Smith said...

Heather's getting to be quite a cutie! Can't wait to see you guys next week!

Cassidy said...

She's a cutie! I need to get some bows from you!

Kevin & Kara said...

So cute... I love all the pictures!

Ashley Rae said...

Holy cow, Cami- she is SO beautiful!!! I love all the pictures. And you look great, too! Good job on your bows- you're super creative. Love it, love it. :)