Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poop Problems!

Gross unappetizing story don't eat while reading this or before your about to eat!!!

Yes we are having those again! (sorry I will update June)  If I thought they couldn't get worse than they were when she was lil, I was wrong!  Well we got Heather this cute lil pink tub you put in side your tub and she just loved it- yes no more baths that included mom or dad! Well a few days ago she decided the warm bath water was nice and relaxing- so relaxing that she let it all go- yes I mean poop! Really gross I know but thats not the worst part! your thinking what's worse than cleaning a poopy tub every day? Well you asked- eating it- yep! My darling lil girl has once again eaten her poop! Only her handful is bigger than it was when she was 4 months old! Ok it dose get worse she then decided to regurgitate it back on me- Lovely- and of corse Jason was gone at work!  Well sorry if this was to gross for you- but it is my blog:)  And I will post June I promise!


The McGary's said...

okay, I am sure that tops any poop story I have heard. I am pretty sure I would be mortified if I saw my kid eating poop although mine has eaten bird poop and I would rather him eat his own than birds. Hope you don't have anymore stories like that.

Jordon and Terra said...

Wow, that's pretty nasty! The joys of kids! I babysat my cousin once who went into his bedroom, took his diaper off, pooped on the floor, played in it, and then wiped it all over his toys! Yeah, it was pretty gross! I don't know what the fascination is! haha Anyway, I loved your May post too by the way! The bitter beer face is hilarious!

Scarlett said...

SO gross, but way funny! Kids, what do ya do? They are too cute, you have to love them anyway!

Anonymous said...


I bet it wasn't for you, though... but I never had any poop disaster of this kind!

Well, actually, I did but they weren't that bad! Now Clara likes taking her diapers off! One day she took it off and she had just pooped. Another time she took it off and ran outside and peed on the patio. At least it was outside and not on the carpet!

Anyway... it's part of parenthood, I guess!