Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Plus

Ok So I am 10 weeks- due in November! And we will be moving to Henderson the middle of June! Thanks everyone- we are so excited!
So here are some pictures of our easter weekend! (there is a lot sorry I couldn't choose just a few)
Saturday we had a egg hunt with our ward- Heather had blast we had to keep taking eggs out of her basket because you were saposed to take however many eggs you brought! 

Latter that afternoon we died eggs with some friends 
Um yeah it was messy- Heather ended up pouring that blue all down the front of her
Heather's first egg- she drew the picture on it

Then went to the park and Jason hide them- so well in-fact that we couldn't find a few- I feel bad for the dog who eats those rotton eggs!

Heather realized there was candy in some of them and started to take it out.....

Unfortunately they all didn't- she was surprised when she broke this one in half to find this- I wish I got her face it was hilarious. 
Saturday evening we went to our other friends house for dinner and she was excited to show me her lil girls easter dress she found at a second hand children store- and so was I because we got our girls the same dress's! So we decided the next day- Easter- to take pictures of them together! 
If only they liked the idea as much as we did- it was pulling teeth to get them to both be happy for it- this was the best one.

Their Lil boy Braiden wanted a picture with his girlfriend too!
Then Heather got to be apart of her third Easter Egg hunt-Lucky girl

Latter on the Easter Bunny finally came- He left a trail of eggs to the baskets thinking they would be followed- but the lil angel ate them all on her way instead. Finally had to say Ill race you to get Heather to bypass the candy.
Straight for the eggs with candy- since she knew how to open them now
She look a lil guilty huh!
Finally enjoying her other toys


Ashley Rae said...

How fun! Lots of candy and hunting for her... that is hilarious she opened the boiled egg hoping for candy. He he. What a doll.
Glad you had a good Easter!

Deborah Austin said...

Congrats on the baby on the way that is so exciting. I know pregnancy is really hard for you so hopefully this one will go a little smoother! Well I am way excited for you!

Good job on Jason getting into school that is exciting. Awesome!!

Good luck with the move and the baby and everything. If you need help moving let ust know and we need to have you over before you head. Do you still have the headband I need to get that from you.

Emily said...

cute cute! I love her pretty Easter dress! And you look so beautiful too! when you move to Henderson we'll have to exchange numbers so we can get together when we are in town! Its been too long!

Ashley Hall said...

Cami! That's so exciting about having another baby. I totally feel for you. My pregnancys are pretty rough too. Hopefully you will feel better soon. When are you due? She looks adorable in her dress and cute bows! You're such a cute mom.

Aston said...

Love the Easter pictures. I can't wait to see you guys ... especially little Heather in person!!! Looks like you guys had a fun Easter weekend. Maybe next year we will be together.

Scarlett said...

Aren't the holidays so fun when you have kids to enjoy them with? Heather looks adorable in her Easter dress! 10 weeks! Wow! You are almost done with your first trimester! So fun!

Jay and Jess said...

omg!! congrats on getting into PT schood in LV. Yay, that will be so much fun. More congrats on baby #2!! thats awesome :)