Saturday, October 18, 2008

September Part 4~ Yeah!

First off if you want to skip the next paragraph  please do its just my birth story and probly boring! Also this will be a long post too I am sorry even like twice as long as the last one! And sadly there will be Sept part 5 cuz I decided to throw in a post of Heather of the last year- so her actual birthday pictures I will do in five- Im so sorry! (ps A lot of these were taken with old Camera and are sideways)

 Sept 29th 2007 I was in the Spokane Dec Hospital awaiting the birthday my my baby girl! I wish I could say it was an easy Labor but it wasn't!  For those of you who were not aware I had Preclampsia. I got a call on the 27th (the Day after I had my annual Doc visit) while I was excitedly about to leave (to get my 2nd and very need maternity massage) by my nurse saying I needed to get to the Doctors ASAP! So frantically I called Jason like 15 times with no avail! SO I called my good friend Jenna who packed up her two kids and hurried over-and sure enough the second I was a bout to get in her car Jas came home! So We rushed to to hospital , they took a couple stats and admitted me for a 24 hour watch! Well after 12 hours they decided (fri morning) to start to induce me- not fun! So Labor started right away and let me tell you there was no doubt in my mind that I was getting all the pain killers I could get! I had the worse back Labor! Sadly I got two epidurals and neither completely worked just made my legs numb!  However it took the edge off and they also gave me this cool stuff in an IV that the nurse says is like being high! I loved it! Jason says I was silly- and used it to his advantage Im sure- All I know is I have a picture of me holding a lil balloon like a baby! Um yeah thats why I depend on my natural high! Ok so after about 36 hours of crazy Labor it was time! So Sat the 29th right on my 37th week mark (which means she wasn't considered high risk as a premie) at 5:30 pm I had Heather Angel Coulson! Words cant express the love and Joy I felt when they handed the lil slimmy thing to me! I loved her so much right away! And that is how my lil angel came! 
Heather Angel Coulson your Mommy and Daddy love you so free'kin much! We Love your Laugh and Cackle! Your a fun baby/toddler! We love your ear fetish, your wet kisses, your dancing every time anything close to music comes on, your patting us on the back when hugging us because thats what we do to you!  I love how when Im sad you crawl over to me for loves! we love how when around people to look at them until they pay attention to you and you'll put on a show! your such a people baby! We love your funny faces, your weird noises, and how not an hour goes by without you making us laugh!  We love how loving you are- anytime you have a stuff animal or doll you give it loves and kisses and giggle!    Well honey we could go on about how much you mean to us but well just post pictures instead! We love you Heather!

So Heres a few Pictures of Heather from belly till now:
First bump
36 weeks
A few min old
A few hours old
2 days old
A few days old
With Daddy ~one week old
One week old
Two weeks old
Lil feet
3 weeks old
Our lil angel fish
One month old
With mommy
2 Months old

With Mommy
Blessing Day
3 Months old
Christmas Dress
Lil Present
4 Mo old

Snow Day
First food
Mohawk Hair
Silly face
5 Mo Old
Nasty Girl
Fish Face
sitting up
Laughing with Daddy
Found her own Ear
6 Mo Old
Cute lil girl
Baby Einstein 
Nakid Baby
7 Mo old

Standing on own
8 Mo old
Bitter Beer face
Mommy and baby
9 Mo Old
4th July
10 Mo Old
Ta Da
11 Mo old

Sticky Serious Face
At the Park

Now a Year
Ok Only one more post for Sept Actually Ill Just call It Heather's Birthday!


Sharee and Court said...

These are so cute Cami! She is getting so big! I think BRady might have a long-distance crush...

Tiffany Fackrell said...

So wait, was heather born at 27 weeks...or 37 weeks? I think you might have meant 37. Anyway, your birth story sounds similar to mine. I too had to have the 24 hour watch in the hospital for high blood pressure, which was the beginnings of preclampsia. They sent me home on bed rest for a week and then my water broke at 38 weeks. and 30 hours of labor the epidural didn't work and then I had to have a c section and the numbing stuff didn't work either so I was actually put completely out. anyway, she is adorable and you guys are such a cute family!

Ashley Rae said...

Man... she's beautiful. It was fun seeing these pictures- from birth until now. Such a cutie!

HawesFam said...

She is cutie! I can't wait to see you guys. When did you say you were coming. We all (Cade and Kelle and us) want to see you, so let us know. I look forward to some new pics!

Brian and Carly said...

Awesome post! In the end, worth all that terrible back labor!

Trevor and Lauren said...

Holy CATS guys!!! You have a one year old! Ahhhh, I can't believe it. Happy birthday Heather Angel! So great! Hope all is great, some day I'll have to meet this sweet girl! Love ya!

Emily said...

that is so fun to see all her pictures from 0 to 1! I love hearing people's birth stories. She is one loved girly. What a doll! Happy Birthday Heather!

Scarlett said...

So cute! How fast a year goes by! I tagged you, so when you get a sec take a look at my blog!

Ashley Hall said...

I love hearing birth stories! I had no idea how many people actually have preeclampsia. I had it too and had to get induced at 36 weeks. It was not fun either but a kind of a blessing in disguise to be able to have my baby girl a month early. Heather is so cute. I can't believe she's 1! That's so crazy. You definitely need to let me know when you are in town next cuz I'd love to see you!

Lisa said...

What a fun post! It was so fun to see all those pictures of Heather. Time sure goes by fast! Love you guys!