Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sept Part 3 Birthday party!

Ok so This is  Heather's Birthday party down in Ut! Beware it is extremely long even for me! And believe it or not I wish I took more pictures!
Heather got her first present before the party from the Cromar's~ she had a lot of fun opening it and with the paper!
Playing with granpa and making grandma mad:)
The sign I made ( with my dads help) with my new cricut!
Playing with Dad while waiting for guests to come!
Aunt Patti Cousin Clara and Holden

Jared, Jermey, Jen and Joe talking and Jaxon running away
Heather's Great Grandparents
My friends Leslie, James, Lis, Marti and there lil girl Lilly (one of Heather's best friends)
Lisa, Leslie and I
Aunt Hayley and Uncle Nate
Shantel (FAV) , me and Heather
My Aunts and cousins and my Mom with Heather
Michelle, Carmen, Jocey, and Pauleen
Blowin out the candles
Huggin her Cuz Kayla
Opening presents with the help of her caousins

Playing with her new toys
Hanging out

One of Heather's Boyfriends Jamison
With Jason's Family: Jen, Jer, Me, Jas, Joe and Jaxon
Cake time
going for it!
I had gone in the front room to say good bye to some people when my brother says "Cami come look at your kid" SO with camera in hand I went in to this- See my brother pointing at the cake she tipped off her tray! and She so proud of it too!
She ate a good amount of the cake- Even I was surprised! Yes she did sleep good despite the sugar over load!
This is why We strip her down- not just for cake- she always look like this after she eats!
OPening a few present from Jason and I! SO happy for clothes- I hope it will last!

Ok I am going to next post the final part of sept- her actual birthday and the rest our trip in Ut!


Woodrich Family said...

What a fun birthday! I can't believe it's really been a whole year. Wow!!

Monica said...

Is that Paula and Rob's Jamison? How fun you got to see them!!