Monday, October 6, 2008

August Part Two

Ok so some of these pictures were taken with our old camera and are still sideways!  Our new one rotates them for me- how nice! 
*Around the middle the month we went to Ut. When we go there we went to my Aunt Jana's pool for a family party:
Heather and I- she loves this floaty
Heather's cousin Easton and Kayla
Playing with the cool water feature with grandpa
I love this swimsuit of hers-what a lil chunk
Splashing herself

*Latter that night we went to one of my good friend Lisa's Wedding
Lisa and I

The other Lisa and I with our babies
I know the babies look silly! We tried to get a good one!
My friend Kass and I with the lil babies

*Hanging out with the family at my parents house
Heather chillin with grandpa
Heather hates the grass
Heather Loves her cousin Kayla
What a face- I wish you could hear her snort with the the face!
WIth aunt hay and her dog

Jas and Jared playing table tennis

*Heather's first time climbing the stairs- she'd never seen stairs before and did great-sorry the picture is fuzy.

*When we got home Heather had fun playing on her suite case- she climbed up on it by her self

*SO Heather grew out of her size two shoes- I was really sad to put them away specially all her pink sneakers- um yeah I got her four pairs- Jas says he cant tell a difference- but there is one- huh girls!

* We went to the Idaho Fair- it was fun Heather had a blast
Jas and Heather

Heather and I
Heather loved all the animals

Silly Heather
I got to milk a cow! It was really weird!

Heather passed out from al the fun

*Heather Helping Daddy BBQ
She loves this lil chair I got at a yard sale for 75 cents

*The next week we went up to WA again ( I know a lot of trips- but its perfect we are exactly in the middle of both our families) Jason's sister Janelle ad her family were there and we wanted to see them.
While we were there we celebrated Heather's (early) and Addy's birthdays!
Birthday girls!

Jason and Kasey
Us girls
Playing with Dad

Lovin on Linley

Janelle and Justin

Kasey's cool shirt- Jas and him have sorta a Chuck Norris Obssesion
(Chuck  Norris dosen't leave messages he leaves warnings)

Feeding the horses

Singing happy birthday
and blowing candles out.

Going crazy on the green cake(Heaher pooped green for a week)

Taking a bath with Addy and Taylor
(if you cant tell in the pictures the water was green)
* And lastly my lil girl wants to be like her mommy.... I have Heather play with my makeup in the mornings while Im putting it on- I noticed that she started to copy me so I took a few pictures- Im a proud mom!

Also another ear picture- you can tell its prob hurting Jason- and it dose- I hav the scratches to prove it!

*Now you know why I did two parts huh! I will do Sept the same way- maybe in 3 parts! Thanks for being patient with me!


Monica said...

Awww I miss little Heather! I can't believe how big she is!!!! Come visit Spokane and stay with us!!

The Davis Family said...

Fun pictures! Heather is getting so big! Sorry we missed Heather's party - we didn't get to Utah until the 30th; but when you are back down this way, we would love to see you. We're in the Pleasant Grove area, so we could definitely get together! I can empathise with the whole night shift thing - that's the best part about Alan's new job - he's working days now!

Deborah Austin said...

Wow it looks like you guys have been up to a lot and having lots of fun. Such cute pictures of Heather she is getting so big!!

Bill and Maggie said...

How fun to see what you are up to! Little Heather is SUCH a cutie!

Justin & Janell said...

Happy Birthday Jason! Hope it's a good one!

The Beus Family said...

We would love to get together with you guys. sunday sounds good we have another dinner invite in boise but we will drop by your house for dessert just tell us when. I would also love to do a scentsy party for you.

Anonymous said...

i hope you look back someday and regret your vote. How will you feel if one of your children is gay/lesbian and you have denied them the right to happiness. You should be ashamed of yourself and i hope your uncle is ashamed of you as well.