Friday, October 10, 2008

September Part One

Naked pictures and despite my camera turning pictures for me one is upside down- go figure) 

So most of this will be about Heather because lets face it- she's a lot more interesting than Jas and I! 
*Heather was 11 months until the 29th of corse- which was her birthday( I wont post the birthday pictures yet sorry) She's gotton really good at some sign- like eat, more, baby, thank you and please. She copies everything we say- or tries to. She can officially say Mom, Dad, Ball, num's (like num num's or treats) Hi, and a few more. She knows the sounds a horse and sheep makes- sometimes she dose mix hem up- but she loves animals! I could go on but Heather has become our lil crazy monkey- getting into everything- making messes when she eats making funny noises and is a joy!
Yep I told you my camera is stupid ( not me:) )
Talking to the numbers
We couldn't get her to put the letter down
So innocent looking (looking being the key)
Blowing kisses

*I started putting what I call a fountain tail on Heathers head- she has long hair just on top so its perfect for this:
Plus I love this lil Guess jean dress ($2.00 at a yard sale-proud of it)

*We let Heather have her own frozen Gogurt- she loved it- I wish I got during pictures but heres after:
Look at that messy shirt (thats falling off)

* I took Heather to the park and she had so much fun- mostly watching the other kids.
I think she's saying hi to one here:

*Heather has had a lot of fun on our deck- sometimes she likes to just stand at the railing and watch the kids outside.
I love the tongue 
*Jason and I wanted to make some cookies for some friends and Heather got to help- well at least be a test taster!
Messy girl

Afterwards we put her in the bath for the first time with out her lil pink tub- She went crazy (she still dose)- she's not one of those kids who sits quietly and plays with toys.......
She likes to climb and stand...
And lick and...
And eat the tub
Ta Da
*We got some free tickets to go see the movie Forever Strong... it didn't get the best ratings in some cases, some said it was a nother teen sport movie that says all kids are good! - but Jason and I really liked it! I  would compare it to Remember the Titans. It made you laugh and become emotional!  I would suggest you go see it.
 Here's a link so go see the trailer  It was also Heather's first theater movie- she did pretty good! We saw it at the Egyptian theater which was awsome too! Heres a picture of Heather and I inside the theater.
I wish it wasn't so dark so you could see the Theater
I think if you click on the picture it gets bigger and you can see it better!

*And lastly we finally turned Heather's car seat around- she loved it- I wish I had a picture of her awake but this was her asleep and I think she look so peaceful and Beautiful.

I love her lil pink lips- and the drool coming out!

*Next I'll post Heather's professional pictures! Then her birthday then hopefully be caught up for the most part! 


Jordon and Terra said...

So cute! I love all the pictures! You guys have really been busy! I can't believe how big Heather is getting! She is so adorable!

Matt and Marti Jo said...

She is so adorable. I can't believe you have a one year old! You have such a cute family! Oh and I am glad to see that I am not the only yard sale shopper:)

The McGary's said...

It is crazy how fast time goes!! Heather is so cute. It's good to hear that Hunter isn't the only one that has to constantly be standing in the bathtub. It drives me nuts because he has already gotten on split chin from it. Loved all the pictures, I am impressed she sat through a movie never in a million years would my kids sit still they probably wouldn't make it through all the previews!! Which would explain why I haven't been to a theatre in about 4 years!

Chad and Becca said...

I love the pics! I remember Kaylynn's first frozen gogurt!! She loved it! Looks like Heather did too! It is so fun to watch them experience new things!

The Tait Family said...

oh my gosh she's getting big. She's sooo cute! to answer your question on my i haven't decided on what to do with my hair! i'll let you know when i do or if i have a question!!!

Shauna said...

Heather looks like such a big girl in the carseat photo! Loved all the photos (as usual!!)!


Scarlett said...

Isn't the toddler stage fun? She is so dang cute! Your fam looks like they are all great! Next time you come here, we should have an Eastridge 7th ward reunion!

Ashley Rae said...

Wow. Lots of adorable pictures. I love/hate how messy they get when they eat. Haha. She's so smart! And growing up so fast...

Deborah Austin said...

OH she is getting so big and she is so so cute!

Cami, I feel so so bad about sunday I hope you got my message so you know we just didn't show. I haven't heard from you so I wasn't sure if you got it. Well I really do feel horrible, we had that fireside come up and we kind of felt like we should go, anyway and it was right in the middle of Heather's party, I was bummed when they made the announcement on sunday and we debated on what to do so anyway so so sorry that we didn't show, it wasn't because we didn't want to. Thanks so much for inviting us. Well we want to have you guys out so if you call me we can come up with an evening that works for you guys. my Phone # is 455-7904 so give me a call anytime, leave a message if I'm not home I will call ya back!!


Jay and Jess said...

Sorry we didn't get a chance to see you guys. I have been on my death bed. I love your blog. You are so up to date with everything. Good job:) Hopefully we can see you on your next utah trip.