Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heather's BIrthday

Happy Late Birthday Heather
So this was her actual birthday! (We were in Utah) We slept in and cuddled then got ready!
My sister Hayley and I took Heather to Thanksgiving Point's petting Zoo. We met our sister in law and her son and my Friends the Wyatt's.  Heather loves Animal's. Specially horses and sheep- so this seemed the right place to take her!
Looking at the sheep

With the horse's
with Aunt Hayley
Watching the ducks and geese

With one of her Boyfriends Jamison

With her cousin Holden

She got to ride a pony

And go on a wagon ride
Looking at the Bunny's

In Jail

Milking a fake cow

Eating some Ice cream

Pictures at the shop there
If we were rich the one to the right is what Heather's room would be designed like

It was so pretty I had to take some pictures of Heather

After we went to her cousin's Bre and Easton's to play! then we went to dinner with My parents at Goodwood! Heather had fun playing around.
Well I hope it was a fun first birthday! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!


Ashley Rae said...

She looks so cute in all those pics. What a fun birthday time for her. I can't believe she's already 1!!

The Tait Family said...

cute pics.

The Jacks said...

Oh Cam, your a cute mom. Heather is a doll.

Anonymous said...

i hope you look back someday and regret your vote. How will you feel if one of your children is gay/lesbian and you have denied them the right to happiness. You should be ashamed of yourself and i hope your uncle is ashamed of you as well.