Wednesday, September 24, 2008

August Part One

I have decided to do August in two parts because my month posts are getting to long! This will still be long and yes still might have some sideways pictures!
*Well Heather was 10 months old- Time just flies by doesn't it!
She had fun with the numbers
I love this dress- and yes my new camara puts it into the computer upside up-hopefully no more sideways pictures.
Heather luvin' on her animals- spooky eyes I know!
* This was a big month for Heather she got her first tooth! - I tried taking some pictures- but its not easy- I got her in her tub because she smiles big and screams so I could get a shot in her mouth of it! I also put some other cute ones of her in the tub!
Sorry you have to really look to see the tooth!
Bathing Beauty
*So my little girl has a weird habit- no joke Im sure you have never herd it before unless you have been around my lil angel when she is tired.  Heather like to hold-play-scratch and bend our ears when she is tired! Im not kidding on the scratch part- I have the scratched up ears to prove it- it defiantly keeps us trimming them though! Im not convinced this is normal- but maybe we have a future ear doctor on our hands.
Holding Daddy's ear.. tired
now asleep
*Ok so Im not a bad mom please don't think less of me from this story ok! Well Heather has become both the little clapper and a mover!  One day Jas and I were making dinner and realized Hether was quiet- well like any parent we knew she was up to something~ and sure enough she was on the other side the counter eating her lunch leftover off the floor (yes I didnt sweep it up Im not perfect.  Well Im one of those moms that laughs when she probably shouldn't-  and well Heather thinks if you laugh its a good thing and what dose she do if she's done a good thing (in her mind)? She claps! So yes I not only laughed but I encouraged her that this is a good thing.  She was definitely proud of her self because when she clapped we only laughed harder!  So there you have it, Im not the best mom on all occasions! 
Heather seeming to be so sweet

*SO you might know we have been working with Heather on her sleeping and this month we tried having her cry herself to sleep- see once again Im not a very good mom sometimes! I had no choice- with Jason working nights I didn't - no I couldn't be waking up every hour with her! Well it worked for a while in fact we got down to her only waking up two time ( I know some of you are thinking she's still waking up at 10 months?- yes- welcome to my life with my not so angelic angel) We have a nice lil routine we do and it worked till we went on a a few trips to UT and WA this month! then Heather was sick and Teething at the same time- plus I was sick- so we were both cranky and sick- no fun when your basically a single mom- which I have a new appreciation for single moms- only at least I wasn't working too! I will tell you more of how its going in my September post (ps its good- knock on wood).
Daddy and Heather reading- part of our routine

*Well speaking of Jason's night job- its not been easy- for any of us- I told you how we were doing during it- but poor Jason didn't have it easy either- it was hard on his body! Thank you baby for doing it!

* SO I have told you guys before of how the Baby Einstein movies are a gift from heaven- well Heather is still enjoying them- it's part of our morning routine - here our some pictures:
Heather relaxing and enjoying her show

Yes she waving at the TV- in this one they say hello at the beginning- thats actually how she learned to wave- and will still wave back to the kids on the screen!

* Well hindsight is 20/20.  So we had a fun lil drama with cable- in a nutshell we first signed up with direct Tv thinking this kid gave us a great deal but when they came to hook it up we found out we had been messed over- well 2 hours on the phone with guys when I couldn't even understand- i finally just decided to go with DISH- who has so far been really good and TRUTHFUL with us! Needless to say we had directs equipment and had to repack it and send it back- I was so mad! But Heather had a fun time playing on the box!

*SO I have tried to make and sell Hair items for lil girls- but I've been a slacker with this move- I do want to do it still and I have had many requests- so let me know if youwould like some and hopefully I will post some on my Bow blog (in a week after I come home from UT) I have come up with some cool new ones! 
Big multi color flower with Jewel- $4.00- $4.50
(As seen on Heather in 10 mo pictures)

*Ok well hopefully when I get back from Ut in a week I will play better catch up so I can post Heather's one year birthday (which is Monday). Thanks for your patience!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

so um if that story of her eating her food off of the floor makes you a bad mom, you can't count me into that club too. I don't always get it sweeped up right away and She is constantly eating leftovers, oops!! As long as I get it sweeped at least once a day I don't feel bad that she is eating like week leftovers or something, haha!

Oh and Cambree didn't sleep through the night until she was over 10 months old. SHe was like waking up 3 or 4 times a night and we tried EVERYTHING, which sounds like what you are going through. Hang in there, hopefully you have found something that works!! oh and just last night she woke up in the middle of the night, but at least it doesn't happen very often.

Can't wait to hear about the big first birthday, so fun!

Ashley Rae said...

Holy crap. Those pictures are so cute. You are such a cute mother. She is so adorable...

owona said...


Hi there...this is Tiffany Owona...I don't know if you remember me from the Cheney ward, but I hope you don't mind me checking out your blog (I saw you as a link on the Lavine's site). Anyway, glad to see you guys are doing well...and Heather is SUPER adorable! I love all your pics and stories! Also, I'm in LOVE with all the cute hair stuff you make and would definitely be intrested in purchasing should I go about doing that? My blog is on the Lavine's site, too, if you want to contact me that way with more info on that. Thanks! Take care! :)

Sharee and Court said...

hey Cami! How funny! Your little girl is darling! getting so big! Can you believe they have grown up so much??

PS don't worry, Brady sometimes eats food off the floor too... :)

Matt & Bernadette Crawford said...

Cami, I cannot believe how big Heather is! Have you guys really been gone that long? She is still just as adorable as I remember her!
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, you know how bad I am at emailing . . . When we moved out of the trailer you took those fonts back, remember? We ended up using a word document because it actually had more fonts that your program.
How are you guys doing? It sounds like you're super busy!
Miss ya, Bern

Aston said...

Can't wait to see the pics from her birthday. I loved the pics of her rubbing Jason's ear. It is so sweet to see what you have explained. Give the birthday girl a squeeze for us.

Namba's said...

Honey, I totally feel your pain! Doug's been working nights for a year now so I feel like a single mom too. Where is Jas working? I'm so bummed I missed your last trip here and Heather's Bday but we just couldn't make it work with our schedule. Next time for sure! We miss you guys! I hear ya on the sleeping thing too.. they really get screwed up from traveling. Sucks. I have a book about sleeping I love, let me know if you want to check it out. xoxo

Chad and Becca said...

Heather is just too darn adorable! lol the number pics are so cute! We miss you, Kaylynn was asking to play with "baby heather" today. I told her we would when you got back from Utah! Hope you are having a blast!