Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ok so here is July finally! I really thought I would be faster at it than this sorry! Also I know some of my pictures are sideways  still - I am working on that too! Well this is another long one~ So here it goes:

*Well Heather was 9 months old this month! 
I love this face!

*This month we finished our move in!
 Heres a picture of my Dad and Jas moving in.

We kept Heather entertained by magnets.
And by Grandma and Grandpa.

 *We went to Utah the beginning of the month for the 4th~( I did do a post on that).

Here are a few pictures from Utah:
Heather loved Grandma and Grandpa's truck!

And the new ping pong table.

My husband is so amazing~ while in Ut He put all my moms shelves together for her- it took him a good day to do it- Heather tried to Help too!
We had icecream sandwiches~ love the chocolate face!
Bre's ice cream face
My nephew being a cutie
*While in Ut we took a trip to my dads work~ He works on a ranch for kids:
Heather loved all the animal 

And specially the golf cart

Heather loved the trip so much she tried to unpack our suitcase when it was time to go

*We also made a trip up to WA for a family reunion.
We spent most the time at Jason's Aunt Becky's and Heather loved it there:
She loved the tramp
And the Kittens

Jason had a lot of fun playing volley ball and soccer with his family and we had fun watching:

What a face

Heather with the lil girl Miriah that Jas's mom is fostering.

We also went swimming at Jason's Aunts house~ 
Heather loves the water
Fun time with Dad
And pooped out on dad- yes she was asleep like that

*While in Wa we went back to Cheney to visit our good friends whom we miss so much and Heather miss her BF Eli.
WE played video games had pizza and hung out like old times!

We had a lot of fun shooting water baloons

And catching them

This is how Dad dress her

*This was a big month for Heather she learned to crawl.....

This picture dosent do the bruises justice- they were bad

*And we tried havng Heather fall asleep on her own- she started out crying for an hour then now at night if she cries its like 5 min! but who knows with this teething she has been messed up lately.
When she was crying an throwing fits she would throw her animals around then fall alseep on top of them .. this picture is dark but it shows her alseep on her bear with her arm around him.

*Heather helped dad with the laundry

*And became a oompha loompha- trying her first spaghetti- she went crazy for the stuff

Ok now hopefully Ill get August done here quick!


Shauna said...
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Shauna said...

Hi Cami~
I love looking at all your pictures! And thanks for writing on my Facebook Wall! I'll try to send you an email soon to give you an update--I didn't want to post it all on your Facebook Wall! Oh, and I just started posting on my blog that I've had for over 2 years (lol!), but I have it set to private right now, so you'll have to email me if you want to be added to my list of readers!

I was also going to tell you about rotating your pics--I had to recently figure this out too, so don't feel dumb! After you get them loaded onto your computer, try right clicking on the image and see if it gives you the option to rotate the photo. Hopefully it will and it will be an easy fix! If not, I have no clue what to tell you!!
Sorry this is so long! Have a good weekend!
~"Aunt" Shauna
(deleted to edit--should have checked it closer before posting the first time!)

Ashley Rae said...

LOL- she is absolutely adorable. I love all the pictures. Her smile is the cutest thing ever!

LiNdS said...

Cami your baby is so cute! I love all the pictures! Our blog is private now, so if you send me your email address I will invite you to be a reader. My email address is I hope we can still keep in touch!!

Scarlett said...

She is getting so big! Good luck with the teething! It can be the worst!