Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sleep deprived I am

(So I know I promised Easter pictures- But apparently my parents have forgotten about me- I took them with there camera and asked them to email them to me- and of corse since they have part-timers they have forgotten all 7 times I have mentioned it to them- maybe its more than part timers!)
Ok so Heather is still waking up crying every night and waking to eat every three hours and waking for attention every 30 min- an hour! needless to say she is 6 months old and we still have to do shifts! I love her so much, but I just want to have some normal or even good sleep! She takes good naps during the days and she eats good- I've tried everything~ I don't know what to do- even our doctors has no more suggestions- just a book I could read- but I have no time to read a whole book on sleeping that probably wont work- but who knows!
Well I thought Id share some cute and funny pictures of Heather's Sleeping Habits! 

How she use to sleep (one month):

How she sleeps now:
Passed out on the boppi

Asleep in the highchair!

Um yeah she fell asleep that way!
Almost out

Asleep with Daddy's shorts (yellow thing)


Eric and Carrie said...

I can totally feel your pain. Lillie is not a good sleeper either. I am gonna be checking your blog often to see what advice you get from others so that I can use it too! I long for the day when I can sleep longer than 3 hrs at a time. Hmmm....sleep. :)

Ashley Rae said...

Wow... ya. Sleep deprivation is the worst. I was so spoiled with Kennedy- she has always been such a good sleeper. So when we'd had "bad" nights with her (usually when she's sick), it was AWFUL- and I started feeling the pain that all the sleep-deprived parents feel. I am SO sorry you're not getting sleep. That's partly what's keeping me from having another baby. I love my sleep. ..... Haha

Aston said...

Luckily, she is sooo adorable. I love the sleeping with Jason's shorts. Things do get better...

Woodrich Family said...

Jess is right, it does get better. Rachel is almost to the age where I am just gonna have to let her cry through it. Once my kids get cereal, the night feedings come to an end. Just call me the 'mean mom.'

The McGary's said...

The only advice I have is to just let her cry. I know it sounds mean and it is awful to listen to it but after a couple nights she should have it figured out. It sounds like she is just in the habit of waking up because she is old enough to make it through the night without food. I let Hunter cry at 2 months and it only took one night, now he doesn't wake until about 6 am and that is going to bed at 8 pm. Good luck, I hope she gets it figured out.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Oh man the sleeping thing is so hard. Cambree was so good and then we moved last august and it took her FOREVER to sleep again. I swear I had a newborn still (sleeping wise) and she was 8 months old. She didn't sleep through the night until like 11 months, I know that doesn't sound fun! Believe me I tried everything, but babies are all so different. I finally got her sleeping when I put her in a little sleeping bag (it looks like a long night gown that zippes up the front and is sewn shut on the bottom) Then I clipped her binky to her and she was able to find it herself in the night, and she stayed warm! But believe me there were definitly times I was a grump because she had woken up every two hours. The sacrifices we make for our kids! But we love them, and we are all going to do it again someday! Good Luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, just reading your posts makes me reminisce, and I could honestly NOT go back to getting up a bazillion times a night. I love sleeping through the night now!

You know what I did in those horrible-waking-every-30-minutes nights? I just put a movie on and rocked her. If she fell asleep, great, if not, I had something entertaining to do. And every time she napped during the day, I napped too. Naps are precious times for us to recover our sanity.

Another suggestion: feed her really well (all sorts of food, not just milk) before going to sleep. She doesn't need to sleep during the night, or so our pediatrician told us. At some point they have to learn to soothe and comfort themselves, so it's okay to let them cry a little bit. Usually they go back to sleep as if nothing had happened. I'm telling you, our doctor told us, but then it's up to you if you want to try. She's 6 months old already! :)

Clara's been sleeping though the night pretty much since her 3 months. Every now and then she has a wake up in the middle of the night period, but she goes back to normal easily.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I meant: she doesn't need to EAT during the night, or so our pediatrician told us, haha!

The Osborns said...

AMEN to the sleep deprivation. Although I think you have it worse than me. Sorry girlfriend! Maybe I'll call at 2am and 4am when Lucy is awake and they can have a playdate!!
Oh, and Annika isn't the mean mom. She knows what it takes to care for herself so she can have energy to take care of the other chillins!!

The McGary's said...

acid reflux is a hard one, I really don't know much in that department. It seems like it is no fun though. I have been lucky that neither of my kids have had it. I wish I had some great words of wisdom but I don't. I wish you luck though. Keep us posted on how she is doing:)