Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kiss Me Im Irish

Alright so its been a crazy couple weeks so I haven't had a chance to blog- plus I was at my parents and they have dial up and I was not going to attempt working with that! So I will start 2 weeks ago with St Patti's day! I luv holidays! And I luv green! I knew Jas would forget so Heather and I hurried and put green on before dad came home so we could pinch him! Heather licked that! Then Our neighbor came over and decided Heather was his Irish sweetheart and Luve'd all over her! It was really cute! My fav is this Picture!

He kept givin her hugs!

Heather was pooped out and when I left her on the changing table for two minutes I came back to this!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness she is adorable! We loved seeing you guys! Hope you had a fun trip! Did you get my email?

Emily said...

so cute! I love all the new pics! I love it. What a beautiful family! Happy St. Patty's two weeks ago!

Do you go to Utah a lot? We'll be there a lot of July. If are there we'd love to see you! I know it is a shot it the dark but hey, I try! :O)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Those pictures are adorable!!

Oh and don't worry about the copying thing, copy away!!! why make up your own thing when what someone else's thing works just as great!!! HAHA that's how I look at things! (don't invent the wheel twice, isn't that what they say!)

The McGary's said...

Heather is so sweet.

I have been working with Hunter everyday on taking a bottle and surprisingly it is going pretty good. I just pump about 2 oz and then give it to him in a bottle and then I nurse him to kind of reward him for taking the bottle. I have to have him sitting up though because when I lay him down he thinks he is in the nursing position. I only have been doing that once a day and he hasn't fought me for about three days now. I don't know if that helps you but you could try that I guess. Now I just have to have somebody try it and not nurse him afterwards and see if he freaks out. Good luck!

HawesFam said...

Those pictures are so cute of Nolan kissing Heather! I am still laughing about you scaring her last night, that is so funny!

The Jacks said...

Hey Coulson's, Dang your baby is cute. We are coming in June for graduation, hopefully we can see ya'. We are all doing well and grateful for the good weather so we won't have to be cooped up anymore.