Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coulson clones? and more.....

Ok So I was going thru old pictures of Heather and found this one that looks a lot like ......
this one I took a few days ago of Halli. They look so much alike...Crazy huh! Even same outfit.
This is a cute picture I thought was cute of Jason and Heather enjoying our new computer.
Halli already trying to pray.
Grandma gave Heather some stickers while she was here and Heather had a blast sticking them on herself, her dad and...
her doll.
some more cute pictures of the past week
Super Heather

Last sunday my Dad and sister came to meet Halli.
Heather was so happy to see her Grandpa

she has the ear!!!

My girls have defiantly bonded.... Heather just wants to Maul Halli.. and Halli will just watch Heather- she moves her head where ever Heather is.
Dancing to "I know you..."

Heather is even willing to share.
This is one of my favorites pictures


Sharee and Court said...

Brady LOVES his lil sister too! He een shares his Woody and Buzz toys with her... He won't share (willingly) with anyone else!

Eric and Carrie said...

What cute little girls! Congrats! I love the last picture, so sweet. They do look a lot a like!

Ashley Rae said...

Wow they really do look a lot alike. Cute girls!

Scarlett said...

They look so much alike! It will be fun to see what Halli looks like as she gets older. Your girls are adorable!

Trevor and Lauren said...

your girls are adorable!!!