Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Luvin'

Well not quite yet! But a few weeks ago the sun was up it was 80 degrees so a friend and I had a water day for our kidos. Then all we have had since has been yucky weather! But today... oh today is a nother beautiful day! I actually got my flower pots planted, got some things spray painted for some projects I am working on.  I got to go for a walk with my girls in our new double stroller (which is so freekin awesome!)..... So I am getting the summer itch!!!! Its nice to have a few nice days! Specially when I have been couped up in my house with a new baby and a crazy 2 yr old!
Here's a sneak peak at my projects.....
I spray painted them those colors!
Also a few pictures from a few weeks ago....

 my flower pots ad veggie wagon (which I picked up on the side of the road- FREEEEEE!!!!)

*** Also***
so you know the blog giveaways I post on here are sweet... Here is oe of two things I have won already:
The toddler legs- aret they cute .... Here's a  giveaway going on right now!
And another giveaway!!!!

Lastly here is a car we saw in the trailer park by our house... Thought it was funny!

 (it says 'Mom's Taxi')
I am still laughing!!!!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Sooooo...are you going to come do some service with us??? There's a giveaway involved!