Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Bump and bargains!

Ok So I am 18 weeks and I feel I look like I am just getting fatter, but it made me feel good when a girl at a yard sale last week said "hey there is maternity clothes over there" -pretty ballsy too! What if I was just Fat? 
So I still have been really sick- which sucks but I have been feeling her a lot! which scares me that this lil one is going to be as crazy as Heather!
Speaking of yard sales I got the best bargains last weekend I just had to brag!!!! I got like $700-900 of clothes for Heather for like $15- yep no joke- I tell ya ~second hand is the way to go!!!!
I got a mini vacuum, a wood highchair for Heather's doll, a horse on a stick that makes noise, a shopping cart with all the food, a whole bag of dishes, five lil pony's and a toddler bed all or $11.00! Yep I said a toddler bed- I got a metal WHITE toddler bed for ... drum roll please.. $1.00!!! 
Looks like I may have made you want to go yard sale-ing this weekend huh!
Heather had a blast playing with it!!

So we are so excited we found out some good friends of ours are moving to Pocatello the same time as us! He got a job there! We have become really close to them and Heather loves their girls!!!
Last thing I took these pictures of Jason and Heather at the park flying Heather new kite! I think Jason had as much fun as heather!

What a good Daddy- I sat there feeling  so lucky!


Brian and Carly said...

Hi Cam! You look darling! Saw Jared on Sat. Said you were having a girl! So excited for you. Awesome that you can already feel her moving. That's the only part of pregnancy I like!

Ashley Rae said...

Oh how cute!! Your lil' angel is going to be so excited to have a little bro or sis :)

Jordon and Terra said...

Cute little baby bump! I love those pictures! And I'm so jealous of the great deals you found! Yard sales are the best!

Emily said...

Ok, you look beautiful!!! Love the outfit too! Heather is a doll. I hope you get feeling better! were you this sick with Heather? And I am totally going to garage sales this weekend! :O)

Sharee and Court said...

You are such a bargain shopper! Good job! I can't wait to find out what you are having! WHen do you find out???

Eric and Carrie said...

Congrats! I didn't know you were expecting! Cute pictures of Heather, hopefully she'll like sleeping in her big girl bed as much as she likes playing on it!

Lisa said...

You look so darling! I wish I could find good bargains like you do! That is so awesome!

Scarlett said...

Cami, you look adorable! You are the cutest pregnant lady! So excited for you that you are having another girl. They will be such good friends!

Erin and Daryl said...

OH I LOVE HAVING A FAMILY TOO!! Hey, so your moving to Pocatello then?? My sister is serving her mission there...mostly in the Oakland temple, so YOU HAVE TO GO SAY HI TO HER, I miss her stinkin guts:) But I have to say, you family is stinkin cute, I bet your daughter is excited to become an older sister:)