Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dakota and Washington!

We went to Washington to see Jason's family and watch his brother graduate. 
Before we went there Dakota came here- My friends Kassandras's Lil girl Dakota that is.  Kass good friends from Utah , she came to help her mom and we got to see them for a few hours. I love having friends with kids around Heather age. Dakota and heather played well together sharing toys and kisses.
Kass took the first two picture's-she's really good check out her blog:

 All of us

Ok then we went up to WA. Heather Loved Her grandparents house! There was so much to do, chase cats... feed horses....
 and play on the play yard....
Play the piano. And she has cousins her age to do it all with. And thats just the first day!
Friday evening Jason's brother Jake graduated.. Heather was entertained by her grandpa.
Congrats Jake!!!!
Saturday we got ready for a party and the kids had so much fun...
Heather loved her cousin Taylor's new toys.
Sunday after church we played out side again...
Of corse we have to fee the horses
The horsey got her finger

and climb the fence

And dont forget the balls!


Lisa said...

darling pictures! so cute of heather and dakota