Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coolest park!

There is this sweet awesome Park near us that has a water area, a Gi- normous Play area,big musical instruments a fishing pond and more!  You could spend 3 days there and still not get bored!
We took Heather before Jason started summer classes and she had a blast!
I took our camera and of corse I went crazy with pictures- you know me- but the battery ran out.  So I only got a few of her on the play area! Here are some....

She saw a big truck go by and she making the motor sound!
The day before Heather and I had a nail polish party and painted our nails- it was Heather's first time- she was scared it would hurt but when I told her it wasn't "OW" it was "pretty" she let me.
She could hand there all by her self- what a strong lil girl.


The Woolner Family said...

I LOVE that park. We'll be moving just around the corner from it.

Lindy Lue said...

i love that park! your pics are here! anytime! i keep forgetting to tell you to swing by! lindy