Friday, May 29, 2009

Anniversary, IDOL, Memorial Day and more....

Ok first of all we have had a lot of confusion on what is going on with Jason's school! I haven't been clear I am sorry. So we are NOT moving to LV to go to Toro, we ARE going to pocatello to go to ISU. School at ISU starts in August so we will be moving the end of July. 
May 20th was Jason's and i five year anniversary. Crazy to think it has been that long. Here we are 5 years one and half babies and 5 moves 3 cities and almost done with school latter and we have made it! Thanks Jason for an amazing five years. I love you.
To celebrate we went to one of my favorite restaurants Macaroni Grill.
Ok so Its Idol time. As much as I loved Adam I was proud of Chris for winning- i think he deserved it and we all know Adam will get a contract anyhow! But wasn't that finally great!!! Heather loved it to- No seriously as soon as they started singing Heather ran and got her lil microphone and tried to sing and dance the whole time! 
She dance and sang so hard she was exhausted... This is how she decided to lay on the couch.
Now Memorial Day.... Heather decided to make breakfast for us
Latter we went to the park with our friends.
Heather wanting to play ball- of corse
Our friends kids Enjoying watermelon

Boys BBQ-ing

Heather has a lot of boyfriends Already and likes to hold hands with them all- should I be worried?
Heather will always find a Dog

The water was so pretty

We had a water fight....
Heather found a better way to use her gun.
Then we capped it off with Smores. Yummy!
Now you want one huh!


Aston said...

Fun pictures. Love the water gun ... she is adorable. Especially, in person. Happy Anniversary - Late. You guys are wonderful. We love you!!!

Kasey&Linley said...

ITs been forever since I have talked to you! I have been so bad about my blog but I have turned over a new leaf and am going to try really hard. I cant believe how big Heather is! She is so CUTE! You look so gorgeous- Congratulations! I'm so excited for you both. We miss you guys too and hope to see you soon. Always let us know when you're visiting Jason's family and we'll plan a trip to Moses Lake the same time. WE Love you all and miss you!

Jay and Jess said...

hi cam, i need your address so i can send you an announcement. Or I can just send it to your parents house.
thanks :)