Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halli's 9mo Pix

 My good friend Elsha Took Halli's Pictures... Are they great.

 I got this shirt at the Dollar Store and added the ruffles down the front.

 This is a skirt I made from a shirt I got at a yard sale for 50 cents. I also made her hair bow with it too!!!
 Halli was looking for her puppy :)

 Throwing a fit

I love this girl

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More catching up.... :) Cute Pictures!!!!!

I am almost caught up to this week!!!
I had to add these pictures of my girls playing at the mall
Also I am not sure if I posted this one... but I came in to the girls room to find them both in Heather's bed together!!!
Heather was reading to them I guess... So cute!!!
So Halli has started to hold ears just like Heather!!!
Doesn't Jas look thrilled!!
This very common to find at our house... Sometimes heather just want to try every apple... or that's what she tell us.

Halli is also become a messy eater!

I got this rocking horse at a yard sale for only $2
I painted it white

This is how Halli crawls on the grass... look at those chuncks!!

 We have been trying to eat Healthy lately.. I feel we have been doing pretty good... One of my Favorite is a Boca Burger on Thin Bread with spinach and a side of Potato fries.
Our girls love going to the local Smiths... they have these fun carts... It make couponing a lil easier :)
The girls have matching dress... funny thing is they are different brands.. Halli's is heathers old Easter dress and I found Heathers at a yard sale!!!

This is what my girls where up to while waiting for Jason to Try on clothes at TJ Maxx. (Yes Jason was not me)

Alrighty more to come!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Extreme Home is in Poky + Zoo

Extreme home Makeover was here in our lil town.... It was crazy!!!
No I didnt get to meet Ty, but I did gewt to Meet Paul....
Before to get to thinking this picture looks like I am a stalker, Let me tell you why this picture is of him in his car.  We were walking up to see the home and saw a huge group of people... Of course I get excited- "Who is it?" No Not Ty sadly or the girl witht he Pink hard hat! :(
But it is Paul.... And as we approached he is starting to walk away, so I pulled the 'Look at my cute lil girl card'.  Yelling "Oh no dont walk away She wants to meet you" (he he he) Of corse he couldnt refuse Heather's angelic face and came over got down on her level, Puts his hand up for a High Fiver and she Rudely says "NO". Um... Yeah I was embarrassed....
So as I am getting my camera out to take a picture with him, Some young college girls ask for an autograph which he grants them.  Then his body guard said he really needed to leave.  I was totally bummed...  One of the body guards seeing me sad grabbed my camera and took a picture of him for me!!!
And the story of the picture!!!
The work site... they wont let you take pictures of the finished home until it is aired on TV (which is supposed to be this fall?)
watching them work

Feeding the ducks
Brushing the Goats

Heather loved the Lion
The classic Lion Drinking fountain. I was so glad they had one of these. Heather was a lil nervous at first
After wards we took the kids on a few rides

I love the Zoo!