Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thats not chocolate.....

Warning this is super nasty and not for the weak stomach folk!!!!!

So here is what happened at my house.... less than an hour ago Halli had a blow out (2nd of the day) but this wasn't one you could wipe up I am talking full neck to heals and up the stomach blowout- needless to say we had to give her a bath. 
And if that wasn't enough..... listen to this.  
While i was nursing Halli, Heather FINALLY decides she wants to go poop on her pink potty.  I tell her I am almost done then I will help her.  Well I herd nothing comming from that end of the house so as soon as I could I went into the bathroom to find that Heather had taken her pants and diaper off and was sitting on her potty... I know that sounds like a miracle... well not when you notice the golfball size tird in her diaper on the ground and you see heather playing with her shirt that has brown on it.  
Heather-"Mom I have chocolate on my shirt"
Me-"Um no thats not chocolate" 
I start laughing, I couldn't help my self....
Heather-"Mom you proud of me?"
Me- Uncomfortable laughing!!!! (what else can I do?)
I have her stand up sure enough to find the 'not chocolate' all over her backside and all over potty (it still is- I'll let Jason deal with that)~ Yep you guess another bath! 
So much fun!!!!!

Motherland Giveaway!!!!

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enjoy... i know i will :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is Coming....

To My shop that is.... I wish it were outside:(   We have snow right now.
I also have a some new colors in my nylon Headbands- Let me know if you want any. I normally have  them for sale for $2.50, But if you order before  April 3rd they will be $2.00.
As always Friends and family get a %10 discount on all orders! 
Thanks all!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I DID IT !!!!!

Ok I just have to say I am proud of my self! I finally finished some projects last week! Of corse my mom was here to help me a lil bit! She's so amazing!
(Keep in mind I an new to the whole sewIng thing- please)
So here the tally of last weeks finished projects:
Two Minky blankets (one for each girl)

Heather hugging her Grandma Smith thanking her (since I have to admit she did most the work on the first one which was Heathers.  Minky is hard to work with in this large size)

Then there's the aprons i started ina RS project. They had patterns for the large one without ruffle and flower. I added them my self. 

Then a friend and I made a smaller version pattern. I decided to add ruffles and lots of them.  
I also followed a bunch of different ideas and made up my own carseat cover.

Next I got this idea from a blog called For the love..... (who's having a fantastic giveaway)
After ( I added ruffles to neck with satin ribbon)
Lastly I got this idea From another blog rufflesandstuff (who's also having a fantastic give away too)
Before (di skirt $3)
After~ Stinking cute Dress
Ok I am done FOR NOW!!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Halli's 4 months! (Rest of Blessing pictures)

I seriously cant believe how fast she is growing- I mean it! We went to her 4 month check up this morning and she weighs a whopping 14 lbs 9 oz- 75%.  At least her height is 75% as well.  She is just like Heather still in head department at 10%.  Small heads big eyes!
Halli has been such a good baby. She loves hanging out with her sister and playing with her daddy! She is always smiling and happy and chill! She'll sit and smile at you till you look at her. Loves to give big slobbery kisses and snuggle.
I swear she said MAMA the other day and she said it again this morning.  She can roll from front to back. She is already sitting for a few seconds by self. She is starting to suck her thumb- heaven help us!
She can pass toys from hand to hand ect.... We are so proud of her!!!!!!

She's already in love with Vanilla coke:) (Look at her rooster hair)
Im not sure If I posted that my camera's battery went dead right before picture time for Halli's blessing- OF CORSE!!!  SO I used my mom's.  I just barley got them so your just getting them!
Jason's parents

My sweet baby~ I made her Headband and I had her dress made for her by a lady on ESTY. 

We blessed her at my parents house- Very good turn out!!!!
Jason's brother with t\he Coulson side grandkids- he left for his mission the next day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St Patti's Day

We had a fantastically Fun St Patti's Day yesterday. My mom is here and helped me do a party for our lil family. 
My cute girls in GREEN.

We made a trap to catch a leprechaun.  Heather and I covered it with foil, we read that Leprechauns like shinny stuff and they like love to eat Lucky Charms.
Heather had fun coloring her Leprechaun picture.
While Mom and I made dinner. You cant tell but the potatoes and milk are green. My mom brought the table decorations- Thanks MOM!
We didn't catch a Leprechaun but he left us some gold!!!!

He also left some Sparkly Leprechaun dust and green foot prints.

My Mom also set up a clover scavenger hunt. Then gave us lots of fun stuff. I have an amazing Mommy.

Heather loved the chocolate!

Halli loved her light up wand
And lastly if you didn't get my email check out this link (it seams someone actually saw a Leprechaun!!! LOL