Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eating wrappers?

Ok so I am not sure if my child is strange or if it is perfectly normal for a two year old to eat the wrappers on things.

We are about to have dinner and my sweet lil Heather just cant wait 10 minutes for it to be done. She keeps getting things out of my diaper bag wanting to eat them, and of corse we say no.
I should have known she was up to something because #1 she was quit and #2 she was hiding. Then all of a sudden she started gagging and so I looked over the couch at her and sure enough she had found a mini Twix and was trying to eat it thru the wrapper. Then she did throw up and guess what a part of the wrapper came out!
This isn't the first time she has tried to eat her way thru some wrapper to get whats inside! Is this normal?


Scarlett said...

That is hilarious! My daughter didn't do that, but I've heard of others that have. Good luck with that!:)

The Woolner Family said...

Well, they do make those wrappers shiny and appealing. Why not try to eat it?

Aston said...

Heather is adorable. My kids never did that but my puppy does! :)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

totally normal!!! Or at least at our house! At christmas I found Cambree had broke one of those glass ball ornaments and she was eating it...who knows what she was thinking!

She probably wanted the candy but knew you wouldn't open it for her...but she couldn't open it either so she figured she would just eat the entire thing, wrapper and all!

Erin and Daryl said...

ha ha, I think its a thing called the terrible 2's?? maybe?? I don't know, I swear every kid has there own bad thing. Zen is into tackling Taylor. I swear he's on time out almost all day...he does not get it. Heather sure is a cute stink, she'll learn. Zen likes to stuff a whole french fry in his mouth and chokes and pukes...he never learns, I don't think they do at that age:/