Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black Hole???

So I am back, Im not sure if it was a black hole or not. Depends on your definition of the black hole. In this time and age of of technology, if you don't have access to the internet- is that the black hole?
Anyhow! We have our own internet now, And I have some catching up to do......
I'll start with CHristmas break:
(WARNING: This post is very very very long)
We went to Utah for Christmas. It was nice to have five adults to two kids. Rather than two kids to one adult. My mom was obsessed with Halli, and Heather was obsessed with her grandpa!
Halli loved the christmas tree
And Heather as always loved her baths, specially when Aunt Hayley gave it to her.

We also got to finally celebrate my birthday, (Jason's finals always fall on my bday). Jason took me to Braza grill for lunch.
My parents took us to Dinner as well..

Messy girl!

This is a cute picture Jas took of our girls taking a nap together
We had a lot of party while we were in Ut. This is the Smith family party. Heather loved her Great Aunt Blanche.
And Playing with her cousins.

It was nice to see my cousins too.
My sister and Halli

We also had a party with Jason's siblings who were in UT. All the kids loved Halli.
Jaxon and Halli
Jannell, Addi and Halli. Halli was eating Addi.
The girls playing

Look at our handsome lil nephew Khai
One morning Halli looked so pretty so I had to take some pictures.

We had a christmas Eve Eve party.
Heather and Clara
What the guys did during the party.
Me and My cousins
Halli was lovin on Santa
Finally it was Christmas Eve.
My dad doing our nativity story
Aunt Laura and Bre lovin on Halli.
The girls in there christmas jamies

The kids (yes Jas is a kid) playing marble soccer.
This game is how I got ready in the mornings... it kept her busy.
My mom lovin on Halli

Heathers first sleep over.
Waiting to see what santa brought them.

Toys from santa
opening present.. my camera's battery went out after this shot so the rest of presents is on my moms camera sorry. (as if this post dose not have enough pictures)
We always go to my Aunt and uncles for Smith side and to have my Uncles awesome Ham
Heather passing out kisses
To uncle Jared
and Great Aunt Blance
Hanging out
Halli with her great Grandpa
Family Shot
Then it was back to my parents for more presents

Halli with her uncle Nate

The kids finding the Pickle

The rest the day we just hung out and played

Bre and Jas Helping Halli learn to walk :)

Sorry this post is so long... sad thing is I have more catching up to do. But I will save that for the next posts. hope you all had a great christmas!


The McGary's said...

Happy to hear you are back. I am not sure I would survive without the interent. Your girls are darling!

Cassidy said...

I'm glad you had a fun Christmas!! CUTE CUTE CUTE Girls!!
We missed seeing you guys!