Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Halloween/ Fall

 We had a fun fall season 
We went to a local pumpkin patch With some friends. It had a bunch of games and a corn maze

 They had a costume contest so we got to dress the girls up!!!
Heather got third, Halli got 2nd and our friends lil girl won!!!!

 The corn maze was fun they had Idaho trivia to help you know which way to go.

 Then we went and picked a few Small pumpkins... since they were charging like a $1.50 a pound
 The girls had a blast

One day I gave Heather a yogurt and asked that she share with her sister.....
This is what I found
 On the ground allover her face and in her hair!!!  At least she obeyed me!!!

Another day we went Leave playing... One of my favorite's!!!

 Halli was trying to walk!!!
 racing to the car

We had a fun Halloween Party with our friends... I decided to try making some spooky jars and bottles

 My cute lil lady bug
Our friend Andrea and her lil bunny
 My pretty butterfly

We went down to Utah for Halloween since Jason was starting  his Internship in Utah the next day...  We went Trick or treating the day before (sat)

 Ready for the weather- it was raining right before we went out!

 The good news not a lot of kids  (well my guess parents) wanted to brave the cold... so we got tonz- I mean oodles  of candy- I think we still have some!!!
 My dad was so excited to take the girls trick or treating
 Halli fell asleep while we were out!!
 The next day (actually Halloween day) My mom had a Party!!!
All the grand kids dressed up
 They decorated pumpkins, we had dinner.. mom gave us all lil gifts! Thanks mom for a fun party!

 Halli loved this lil witch my mom has that giggles... she would not let it go.


jessica& said...

I am loving all your catch up posts! It looks like you've had a busy past few months. The pictures are beautiful and your girls are darling!

Brian and Carly said...

Cute leaf pics! Can't wait for it to warm up so we can get back out there!!