Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Memorial Day!

We had a fantastic Memorial weekend.  First off my mom came to visit us the Thursday before!! (Wahoo... Also why I haven't posted) 
We got to go to a local High school  to the Field of Heroes, which is a memorial set up for all the Soldiers who have been lost or MIA or POW in  Iraq and Afghanistan. There was a Cross for every life lost. Words cant even describe the feeling that overcomes you as you are staring out over all those crosses. You feel so privileged to live in a free country, and grateful to all the men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for the good of the nation and the world. 

Just a few pictures of the memorial:
Phewww... still gets me!!!!

On Monday we went to a town called Chesterfield.  It is a town that was settled by Mormon Pioneers. The People who now live in the town and descendants of the Pioneers have restored some of the town. Its is now open to the public. (If you would like to know more go here)
Being in this town made me proud to Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
They have lots of old farming equipment, homes, a church ect....
Since it was opening day they had several activities for kids (and big kids) to do.
Like making cream to butter... (Heather wasnt in a good mood.. but whats new)
 Heather enjoyed eating the butter on bread though..
 And visiting the sites

 some of the building:
In one of the homes there was a spinning wheel- We thought~ Key word 'thought'~ Heather would like to see it.... um no she was scared of it cuz its what hurt 'I know you Princess' (Sleeping Beauty)

Everyone got a complimentary Rootbeer at the old General store.
We also found out that Jason's ancestor Anson Call had lived there... Very cool!!!

Idaho has so much history, its been fun to learn about it...
The Oregon Trail went through Chesterfield too!!!

Afterwords we went over to Soda Springs ~ Where Jason is doing one of His clinical's.  Its called 'Soda Springs' because it has a few springs with Soda water.
We filled up a water bottle, and tried it....
Heather wasn't a fan (nor I)

Soda also has a geyser in the town... its a controlled one that goes off on the hour...
Again Heather was scared... "it hurts my nose" ~ translate to the sullfer was stinky
 She would only go to Grandma

 We finished the day off by going to a park..
We had some races
Heather won everytime
Over all we had a great, uplifting Holiday


Cassidy said...

How fun!!! The weather looks so nice. Cute cute family, girl.

Lisa said...

What a fun weekend! And one of the ladies that I visit teach, her parents work at Chesterfield. She was telling me all about it. Looked like you had a fun time!

The Davis Family said...

You were down in my neck of the woods. Chesterfield is in my parents' stake - I haven't been there for years but it is a cool little town. As for the soda water in Soda Springs - it's nasty straight from the spring, but make some Koolaide with it and it's really good! :) We used to go have a picnic in that park every year and make some sort of concoction with that water. Let me know if you're in the Soda area again - I'd love to see you guys if I'm in Grace too (we were in WA over Memorial weekend, so you didn't miss us that time).