Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ok so a lot has gone on and at the same time nothing at all! Lets see We have been looking for a Job and trying to get into a PT school all while trying to make ends meet! Jason went and worked for his Dad for a few weeks and made some good money.  Jason also  Got on ISU's waiting list and is working part time and will hopefully have a new job next week. I have been going crazy with bills, paper work, no husband, no money, Bows... Bows.. (yes that has been going great) and a not so happy teething and sick Daughter! Heather got 3 new teeth, runs now not walks, Says "no" to everything, Destroys my house, Eats, Poops, Sometimes sleeps, Grows ( like an inch in a week), Loves her mommy when she is sad, Can open doors, Play in Potties, Loves animals, making their sounds, mom's makeup, and Balls.  So there you go in a Nut shell our lives for the past two months! 
Heres a few cute pictures of Heather

This is what we do when we need to occupy her for a few minutes- give a treat and either signing times or baby Einstein and set her on the couch.
Heather loves to lay on things lately-shell take the pillow off the couch and do this:
Getting into the cupboard-we now have lock.
Helping with the dishes- this lil girl loves to climb right not- and has no fear even after she has fallin from the kitchen chair a few times!
This is what her hair looks like after mom takes it out- Crazy!
Alright hopefully i will get better at this!


Matt and Marti Jo said...

She is so adorable! And I love all of your bows and hats! I know a ton of prego people so I am sure I will be ordering some stuff from you soon!

Sharee and Court said...

Sounds like you are so busy! Well, good luck with the job hunt! It's a scary world out there right now. And little Heather is so adorable! Brady is doing similar things now too! Climbing, running, laying on stuff, Hasn't quite figured out the opering doors thing though... THANK GOODNESS! I can still protect him from the bathroom. :)

Anyway, sounds like you guys are doing great!!

Ashley Rae said...

Wow- she is growing so big! And yes- good luck with Jason finding a job... that can be stressful, for sure. Heather is just adorable. She seems very sweet and adventurous!

Chad and Becca said...

Heather is just too cute! I miss you!!! We need to do something together SOON!!!

Scarlett said...

She is so dang cute! This is a crazy age! Good luck with everything!

The Davis Family said...

Thanks for the update! I'm glad your little bow business is going so well! Heather is such a cutie and getting so big! Good luck with the job and school hunt - that would be tough. The house we bought is in Lehi and we are loving it!

The McGary's said...

Heather looks so tall in that picture on the couch. She is adorable. Good luck with everything!

Brian and Carly said...

Hi Cam. Hope you guys have found work! We will be prayin for you. Glad to hear the bow business is going well!

Shauna said...

Good luck to Jason finding a steady job. Love the photos!! I have one of Donny on the dishwasher door too when he was about Heather's size--so funny! BTW--He got back from Iraq on February 20th and I was able to be in Hawaii for his Homecoming! YAY! ....catching up on blogs and love to you and your family. Tell your mom and dad and the rest of your family I say "HI"!