Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am a mother!

And proud of it! Yep this my mothers day post- very late, like everything else- but at least Im doing it! So for my Mothers day Jason took Heather (Saturday) and let me take a long needed break. They brought home flowers for me! We went to lunch and I got the Host- I was so excited! I will also be getting the Circuit expression too- we'll wait till we get to Boise-just another thing to move! 
Ok so partially why this is late is because My Mommy was here to help me pack boxes and to visit Cheney for a last time! I love my mom- she is such an amazing person! My best friend besides my husband! I don't think I've ever truly appreciated her enough on mothers day until being a mother my self! I love you so much mom thanks for always being there for me! Thank you for taking care of me and raising me with unconditional love! For being understanding-letting me cry and vent to you, changing my diapers (when i was a baby silly) washing my cloths, dishes, home ect.., feeding me- putting up with me in my teenage years- reading to me, the list really could go on... the point is I really appreciate all you do and will do for me! 
Alright so Ive been reading this book "I am a mother" ( amazing if you haven't read it- read it!) and not only have i grown more love and appreciation to my mom- but for my self! NoI am not super mom and never will be- but Im trying my best- this book has helped me know Im doing alright!
ok well heres some pictures Jason took of Heather and I on mothers day and one of all of us.


Lisa said...

Absolutely darling! Happy late Mother's Day! I'm excited that I'll get to join in on the mother's day celebration next year! YEAH...only 6 weeks left!

Emily said...

great pictures. We got a few pictures of me with the kids as we headed to church but they were terrible - in our dirty house! :) Being a mom is wonderful and hard, and just my favorite thing since marriage! :O) yay for momhood!

Trevor and Lauren said...


You look great! Its so crazy that you are a mom, I know that you are wonderful at it!!!
I finally am able to post a comment on your blog! So weird.

Anyways! I love ya

The McGary's said...

Very cute pictures. It sounds like you had a great day. I am getting myself the cricut expression for christmas. It is actually sitting upstairs and i am trying to be a good girl and leave it there for 7 more months:)

Aston said...

I love the pictures! It made me miss taking pics together. I loved that book. It really does make you feel more empowered about being "MOM". Love ya and your little fam.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cami! I finally wrote something on my blog! Yay!

Super cute pictures!

KassNam said...

I love the pics! You guys are so cute and Heather is getting so big I can't believe it! I will call soon... if ou notice, i never get a chance to post or do anything till late at night when baby is sleeping and i never want to call that late. Maybe this week i'll get a chance!