Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ive joined the hall rockers!

Yes thats what we call them at least! The parents who are out in the hall on sunday during sacrament meeting! At first Heather would sleep through it but not anymore! Our sweet lil diva decides its time to be fussy! I've been told it only gets worse! Yikes! It was a "Im a real mom moment" ~ You know the ones when it stops being serial and you realize you just took part in a mommy thing! Um yeah I still have them! Plus it was fun to look around at the other 5 or 6 parents out in the hall rocking back and forth trying to console there kid! but the funniest part was that no one seemed to notice but me that we were all rocking in tune with each other! So Hall rockers had more meaning after being apart of it-and knowing if you found the right song wed all be rocking to the same beat!


Patti Smith said...

It only gets better. We attend church for the blessings from being in the building, as neither of us really get anything out of the whole day.

Emily said...

That is so funny! Oh, yeah it gets worse, but then it gets better again, I promise! From 12 months to 18 months you begin to wonder why you even bother to go to church! You are simply chasing them through the halls for three hours! and then comes nursery = heaven!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I am counting down the days until nursery!!!! All Cambree wants to do at church is crawl around during sacrament to play with everybody elses kids, then when we pull her back and make her sit with us she starts SCREAMING!! This last sundy I didn't go to any meetings, just roamed the halls!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no...! Ryan did notice that all the moms and dads were rocking their kids at the same pace! He told me on Monday. When he saw you at FHE he remembered it! Haha!

Regarding the rest (being in the hallways, and "it only gets worse"), yes, the time in the hallways will increase, your patience wil decrease, your desire to be in church will become weaker, but who knows how, your love for your baby will grow stronger!

I'm going thought "all that" with Clara being 16 months and hyperactive :S But thank goodness there's a Nursery! (and when Clara starts nursery, I'm out! I will ask to be relieved to keep myself SANE!)

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, the Lavines have a new Blogspot. I got bored of the old one (or maybe got bored of studying and decided to close the old Blog and open a new one! Haha!)

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