Friday, August 24, 2012

Awesome Music

Hey Guys I just wanted to share a friend of mine's Music~ He is truly amazing... Please listen to it... He just released his first album on July 24th on iTunes,,, and more..
Please check out his website (he is even offering a free down load):

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sorry ... I really havent even blogged once this year.. we have been ALL over the place in the past 5 months!!! In 6 months we have lived in 4 different places!!! I will try to catch up but no Promises....


WE Moved in with my Parents Mid December... Girls Actually did Very Well
Of course they LOVED getting to Watch their Baby Ryder

 We Had a Few Christmas Parties with Friends and Family...
 My Girls with My good Friend Lisa Feil's lil girl
 All our Kids.. We are Growing!!!

 Christmas Eve was a lot of Fun at my Parents house!!!

 Heather got the M&M in her Pudding so she got to open the Family gift... Checkers!!! They couldn't wait to get it opened...

Christmas Morning.. Santa Spoiled the girls

 So Did Mom and Dad
 Heather Putting her new ornament on the tree
 Grandpa and grandma Spoiled them too ... they got them Prince Charming Barbies

 Thanking Grandma...
 and Grandpa

 Best Shot I could get of the girls together in their Dress's

 Heather was so Excited to get her Scooter
 And her Rapunzel Doll

 Halli LOVED her doll too
 Playing with their new Polly pocket Doll Castle with her cousins

Finding the pickle

 We went and Saw Pus in Boots 3D... Heather had chocolate

Had Christmas with the Coulson side of the family :
Girls Drawing with their cousins
 Heather and Addy as the princess's from Barbie Princes's and the Popper
 Halli Just loved her cousin Taylor

 Opening Presents

Playing with Uncle Joe and Aunt Amy

New years Party...
Heather and Holden Playing on Gramps New I PAD
 Heather as always LOVING on Ryder...
Everyone was in Red for the UTAH game
 Playing Minute to win it games

 More Lovin on ryder

 Girls Cuddling Watching a show on the Ipad
 Jason Showing the kids funny utube videos
 Halli and Kin Kin Dancing
 It was a VERY Fun End of a YEAR!!!