Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skipping around

Ok so I guess I haven't been following any order- I am sorta skipping back and forth! But I just got the link to Heather's professional 9 month pictures and wanted to share them with you..... (then I will tell you what happened in May next ok-- and try to stay on track)

This is one of her new fav things to do is to wave at everyone and everything- really the tv, the clerk at Winco, the dog next or door even a tree! She will do it until you pay attention to her... and she loves attention.  I don't know what to do with my lil diva!  I guess take pictures.... oh wait I do! 

Look mom num nums ( she did eat try to eat them) ~Oh no honey thats to make the picture pretty!
Like my narrative?

Heather crawling- I love that she got this shot- gotta love the diaper hanging out the back!
( I hope that isnt a sign of things to come)

I love these bath ones specially this one of her feet just chillin there!
And her eating the tub-thats my girl! she loves to eat it dosen't matter what either! You can tell to look at the extra chunkage going on that girl- But mama loves it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Im catching up....

Ok so every month I take pictures of Heather with a number showing how many months old she is..... half the reason was so you could see her grow and know how old she was ( since I get asked a lot) SO the last ones I posted were her 6 month ones in April so here are her 7-8-month photos I need to still down load the 9 mo ones and Ill post them with the 10 mo ones that I will take next week.... Man time flies....... is that how you spell flies? (remember I am a bad speller) Next Ill do a post on what happened in the month of may because even then I wasn't doing very good- so bare with me- I will try to do one every couple days until Im to the present! 

Sorry I put them out of order~ Also the 7 mo I started one day but Heather was to tired that why there is an outfit change. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dont worry Im alive!!!!!

Ok so if you were wondering if I was lost in space a million light-spaces away you were pretty close! Actually I was with out internet access for like over a month- But we are here in Boise- safe and sound!!!! Ok so i promised updates and like ?I said I don't even know where to start! I will cover the past 3 month (Hopefully) saying the rest of this move and Jasons new job and the kid dont drive me to crazy land!
 Ok I guess I will start with the coolest thing- HEather is crawling- yes my lil DIva is now into everything in sight! Scary! (Any pointers to how to keep her alive would be appreciated) 
 Jason and I have been everywhere but here at our new place of living- We went to UT (which was the 4th) and to back to WA for family reunion.  I do love our new apartment except the load of smoke that fills my lungs when I walk out our door  from the not so kind smoke stacks that also reside in our building, But the place inside is so nice- Im sad we will only be here one year! I will have pictures as soon as this place is in show off condition! 
Jason will be starting his job next week (thanks to my brother Jared-I love you) at Layton construction - the sad thing is its night- yes and not just night but six 12 hour shifts- no fun! SoI am defiantly going to be a lil crazy from dealing with Heather all night by my self- for those of you who didn't know Heather still wakes up in the night- she was down to twice a night- which I can handle but lately its been 5-10 times- yep almost every 45 min some night- which means we don't sleep- we have tried everything...(sorry this is a long post with lots of words) except letting her cry to sleep- which I have been way against- well today at nap time we tried it for an hours of her scream/crying and me crying- 6 prayers latter and she still wasn't asleep so I succumbed to her tears and picked her and she went right to sleep- well we just tried it again and I am proud to say 30 min and she was out- YYYYEEEAAHHHH!!!! It was still hard and there were still lots of prayers- but hopefully it will just get easier like Ive been told it dose! Ok now that I have written a novel I will do my best to continue to update you and catch up on your blog updates I might have missed while I was in outer- space!!!!! Also heres a few pictures And bare with me some are sideways- Im working on fixing that problem too- one problem at a time!  
Jason put Heather in one of my sweat shorts the other day it was really cute- she loved checking herself out!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok so I know I promised to have caught you up by now but life happens- infact I am now back in WA for my husbands Family reunion which I thought was next week- ALso we dont have the internet hooked up yet- but next week ?I promise- And dont worry there will be a lot- I dont even know how or where to start!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th July

Well this is the first of like 10 posts I plan on doing to catch you up! Im starting with the most recent-only because Im here in UT at my parents and have the pictures!

I love the 4th July- family, fireworks, food and fun- lots of F's! I am also very proud to be an american! I wish I could go on but for time sake I wont! Instead here are some pictures of our day down in Sandy!
Heather Playing with her flag!

The flag from the parade.

With Aunt Hayley
Heather begging icee from Grandpa.

Watching the parade with mom.

Jason and I.

Heathers first tatoo curtisy of Sherie!!!!